MASADA is a cultural association: membership is required to attend our events and initiatives.  
In order to become a member please fill in the Masada member form and send us your details.
We invite the aspiring member to apply for membership at least 48 hours before the event or activity he wishes to attend.
The aspiring member will become Masada member only after the acceptance of the request by the board of directors.
We want to inform the aspiring member that an annual membership fee is required the membership is valid
for 12 months froom the date of member admission.
You can directly come at our premises to pick up the membership card and to process the payment fee. 
If you are already an associate member, you just need to come to Masada for renew your membership without filling any application.

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The statute of Masada

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  • I hereby authorize Masada Association to use and process my personal details contained in this document in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003

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